de Groot and Hargreaves have used their platform to broaden our horizons, both of the music our forebears created and the causes they sought to advance in their art.
— No Depression
two of the foremost old-time virtuosos on the scene today, executing these timeless songs and melodies with a clean and straightforward approach that sacrifices neither innovative thought nor modern embellishments to do so.
— The Bluegrass Situation

Described as a “can’t-miss pair in 2019,” by Paste Magazine, Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves create a sound that is adventurous, masterful, and original, as they expand on the eccentricities of old songs, while never losing sight of what makes them endure. Already leaders in the young generation of roots musicians, de Groot has become known for her intricate clawhammer banjo work with Molsky’s Mountain Drifters, while Hargreaves has brought her powerhouse fiddling to the stage with Gillian Welch and Laurie Lewis. Their new album on Free Dirt Records is a powerful opening statement that has been called “a big step forward” (CBC Q) and “dives deep into the old-time style and comes up with something wonderfully fresh” (Vinyl District). Ranging from intricate banjo-fiddle instrumental performances inspired by early commercial and field recordings to more contemporary tunes and songs from the likes of Judy Hyman (the Horseflies) and Alice Gerrard, their repertoire reflects on which voices we seek to hear as we explore the expansive, diverse canon of American roots music. Their rendition of Alice Gerrard’s song “Beaufort County Jail” is included in Rolling Stone Country’s “10 Best Country and Americana Songs to Hear.”


Hard Drive is a hard-driving aural modern traditional old time authentic millennial bluegrass collective made up of Tatiana Hargreaves, Aaron Tacke, Sonya Badigian, and Nokosee Fields. From brother duets to raging fiddle tunes, Hard Drive brings a sense of deep intuition and silliness to the world that encompasses old-time, country, and bluegrass. They float gently around a Bermuda-Triangle-type space/time warp that connects North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Minnesota, and they are constantly expanding at the approximate pace of the universe.

[Hard drive features] ten acutely hard-driven cuts in the approved high-octane bluegrass-old-time style, delivered with deep intuitive insight, manic exploratory zeal and seriously powerhouse instrumental (and vocal) chops but also, importantly, with an abundant and overwhelming sense of fun.
— Folk Radio UK

Blount & Hargreaves

Jake Blount is a fiddler, banjo player and scholar based in Ithaca, New York. He centers and venerates his racial and ethnic heritage through his approach to music and its history. Together, Blount & Hargreaves join forces to shine a light upon the string-band music of Black and Native American communities. They present tunes and songs from musicians of color as stripped-down duets on banjo, fiddle, and voice, drawing the audience into the largely forgotten landscape of this diverse and powerful musical tradition. As a duo, they have performed at venues such as National Museum of American History, Appalachian State University, and the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. You can find out more about Jake and this project at

past projects

Ethan Jodziewicz & Tatiana Hargreaves brings together the unique voices of innovative genre-bending double bassist Ethan Jodziewicz and award-winning Appalachian fiddler and singer Tatiana Hargreaves in a passionate and virtuosic acoustic duo. Drawing on diverse musical backgrounds (chamber music to old-time, jazz to progressive-acoustic) they create a lush sound born out of reverence for tradition and a desire to push the boundaries of string playing. Not content to adhere to the traditional roles of their instruments, Ethan and Tatiana share equal responsibility as soloist and accompanist, intricately intertwining melodies and harmonies. Throughout the course of a performance, they engage in thru- composed string arrangements, expand into burning improvisations, and play dual-fiddles (it’s true, the bass can be a fiddle too!), and sing in two-part harmony on classic tunes and songs.

You can find their duo EP on bandcamp.